Writing competition, story 2

This month we are publishing Evie Cresswell’s story who is a Year 6 pupil at Blidworth Oaks Primary School. She also wins a £10 Amazon voucher from Ravenshead & Blidworth Rotary Club.

See out earlier item about the story writing competition https://rbrotary.org.uk/news/writing-competition

The start of the story was about two children who left their toy pirate boat on a beach. This is how Evie developed the storyline.

The next miserable, rainy day the siblings, Spencer and Caleb, snuck out to the beach, as it was only two blocks away, in the hope of finding their boat. They imagined it stuck on a rock or in the sand, but feared it might be out in the vast, choppy sea. They arrived at the seaside only to be stunned by the sight of a gigantic, wonderful pirate ship just waiting to be explored. Tempted to go in Spencer walked closer to the ship wanting a better view. She quickly noticed there were her and Caleb’s names written faintly in chalk or crayon on the boat. “Caleb!” shouted Spencer, “this is our boat!” They were both starstruck by how huge it had become.

All of a sudden, a head popped out of one of the many windows on the boat. She had an excited expression on her face. “Come in, come in,” exclaimed the mystery girl, “I don’t bite – hard.”

“First, exit the boat and show yourself,” Caleb replied.

“I’m a mermaid. I live in a giant fish tank, I can’t,” explained the girl. At this point they thought that anything was real. They were talking to a mermaid! The children reluctantly stepped inside to meet her. The boat looked grand, almost magical. As they stepped inside they felt some sort of spark, but a good feeling. In the centre of the first room stood a fish tank, but a human sized one, and inside was indeed a mermaid. “Hello! I’m Aria!” exclaimed the mermaid and before Spencer or Caleb could say anything she began again. “Can we be friends?” she said. All of this in a very rushed and nervous manner.

“How did you do this to our boat?” Spencer blurted out.

“This is my boat, so you can’t have it!” shouted Aria. “Wait, if you get me the Great Crab Pearl, I’ll change the boat back and give it to you. Deal?”

“Deal,” answered Spencer and Caleb.

A day passed and they finally arrived at Crab Island, an orange, rocky piece of land. “Why is it called Crab Island?” wondered Caleb.

“I don’t know! Just go!” Aria nervously replied. The children ran across the bumpy, hard floor and found the pineapple sized pearl. Spencer pulled it out of the island’s floor and ran off into the boat with Caleb, when the island stood up. It was a crab! “I’m not actually giving you the boat you know?” said Aria. Spencer and Caleb were speechless. Before they knew it Aria pulled her tail off, walked up to them and pushed them off the boat.

They appeared comfy in bed. Was it all just a dream?

Evie Cresswell
Year 6
Blidworth Oaks Primary School