Writing Competition

Three years have passed since we last ran a story writing competition for each of our linked primary schools; Blidworth Oaks in Blidworth, Lakeview and Heathlands, new this year, in Rainworth and Church of England and Abbey Gates in Ravenshead. Each school was encouraged to submit up to ten entries and for each school there was a prize of a £10 Amazon voucher for each of the best two entries and a ‘Back to School’ pen, pencil and highlighter set for the runner’s up.

All entries were restricted to two sides of A4 and had to be handwritten. The writer had to start from a set-piece scenario designed to provide an opportunity to creatively develop their story.

All the ‘would-be authors’ made a really good effort at punctuation and use of vocabulary. The overall standard was really quite impressive!

This month we are publishing a lovely, well thought-out story about the adventures of a toy pirate ship. Written by Lacie-Mae Dear who is a Year 6 pupil at Ravenshead Church of England Primary School. She wins a £10 Amazon voucher from Ravenshead & Blidworth Rotary Club.

We will publish another winners Story next month.

The Tale of a Toy Pirate Ship

It was twenty years ago, on a beautiful summer day. The sun was scorching hot and two children were having fun at the beach with rock pools to search and a gigantic sandy beach to play on. They had a great time. they made an enormous sand castle complete with a moat, which they filled with water. Just for fun they put their favourite toy pirate ship in the moat and watched it sail around the castle. Soon it was time to pack up and head home for supper. However, in the rush they forgot about their toy boat.

Later that evening the tide came in and washed it out to sea. The waves thrashed against the toy boat, threatening to tip it up, as it got further and further away from the shoreline. The wind roared and the rain poured as the boat swayed from side to side for hours on end. Clank! Suddenly the boat hit something hard. There in the water was a drowning turtle with a fishing line wrapped around its fin. The ship instantly threw down its anchor to try and help. the poor turtle climber aboard.

The toy ship carefully untangled the fishing line from the turtle’s fin and, all of a sudden, the rain stopped, so did the wind and the sun became visible again. There was an echoing shout, “Norman where are you?” the voice yelled.

“I’m here Mum” Norman the turtle replied. Out of the distance a turtle figure swam towards them. It was slightly bigger than Norman and the ship knew it must be Norma’s Mum.

“You saved my boy’s life. How can I possibly repay you?” she asked.

“I’ve got an idea Mum. Why don’t we take him to the wise old whale?” Norman wondered.

“Why that’s an excellent idea. The wise old whale will know just the right thing to do with the boat,” exclaimed Norman’s Mum with glee.

Norman’s Mum guided the toy boat across the deep ocean until the water got shallower and shallower and gentler and gentler. The she paused outside the entrance to a dark cave. Norman’s Mum whispered, “this is very important. Don’t say anything that might upset the wise old whale. Trust me, you don’t want to see his bad side,” she said anxiously. The boat cautiously followed her into the cave. Inside it was damp, pitch black and smelled of rotten fish. Suddenly they heard a booming voice echoing off the walls. “What do you want?” The voice made the boat nearly tip over with fear. “I said what do you want? You’re disturbing my afternoon nap.” The voice felt like a mountain towering over them as a shadow grew closer.

“We have come from far to seek your powers,” Norman’s Mum replied nervously.

“I don’t give my powers to anyone anymore, not after sea creatures started to waste them getting revenge on one another,” he thundered.

“But surely there is something you can do for him. This boat saved my son’s life,” begged Norman’s Mum.

“Oh, a hero. You should have said. I know just what to do for you. Why not make it into a real pirate ship? I have some pirate friends who are looking for a boat, but it won’t be forever. I only have enough magic left for one day only,” boomed the whale and as they made their way outside the pirates were already there waiting to clamber aboard. The day went quickly and soon the pirates had to abandon the boat that was now too small to ride and the boat rapidly thrown back by a wave on to the shore again.

The boat was eventually found by an old lady who ran an antique store. The boat was bought by the kids at the start of the story. They now have their own child who takes her favourite toy pirate ship to the beach after school every day, but this time she is careful not to leave it behind.

Photo by Riccardo Ginevri on Unsplash