Associate Membership

Associate membership is a way to test out Rotary without a big commitment, either time or financial.

Associate members are treated as active members of the club and do not need to come along to meetings as a 'guest'. They can take full part in club activities but cannot vote on any decisions or hold any office.

Rules regarding Associate Membership

  1. Associate Members may be aged 21 upwards
  2. Maximum period of Associate membership is 2 years
  3. Associate Members should try and attend at least one meeting per month
  4. Dress code for meetings is smart casual
  5. May apply to become full members of the club at any time
  6. Annual fee is £25 non-refundable, but will count towards full membership fee (£100 at time of writing)
  7. Club meals for meetings at Oakmere Golf club are £10.00
  8. Associates will be encouraged to participate fully in club activities whether sociable or charitable
  9. They may attend Business Meetings, suggest activities etc., and will also be invited to at least one Council meeting but will not have any voting rights at any meeting
  10. The club will provide guidance and mentoring to ensure that they appreciate the full extent of the Rotary movement and their obligations as a full member.
  11. Should the format of the club not suit them, the club will explore with them alternate means of remaining in the Rotary organisation
  12. Selection of Associate Members will be the responsibility of the club council following completion of a simple application form and interview