Year 6 Writing #2

Holly Warnes Age 11 ​​ Lake View Primary School

The Hidden Love

Three children set off to explore a near by forest. It was a bright, sunny day but the forest of pine trees looked rather dark and forbidding. They followed a sandy path into the forest and before long the path sloped steeply downwards.

They could hear the tinkling sounds of some water and clambered over some slippery rocks until they reached the edge of a stream. In one direction they could hear the hiss of a waterfall but in the other they could see mysterious old cottage. It didn’t look as if anyone had lived there for years. Time to investigate.

A scent of ancient air tickled up their nostrils as the wind danced almost lifting their feet above the ground. They bravely steeped towards the worn cottage following each other; sticks snapped in the far distance. The shattered light (on the cottage) flickered every step they took. They’re hearts were pounding like a tiger ready to pounce on it’s prey. Finally reaching the old door with old cracks exploding out of it, one child anxiously knocked…., nothing happened. Nervously the creeped round the other side and saw a cracked window with a razor-sharp point. Together they looked inside the cottage seeing a dull outline of a small figure.

They heard a long creek and a loud bang as the door smashed open! The felt spooked as they were unaware of what was happening. Anxiously the tip toed inside, step by step, searching to find anything peculiar. Would you go inside? They searched for what seemed forever: finding burned photos of family who love each other like jam on toast. Memorable times (of the children when they were younger) flashed through each childs head like a lightning bolt. Deeper and deeper into the cottage they realised that the person who lived here was their Great Gran. They knew that this adventure was to find out that their Great Gran just wanted to say she loves them. Sadly their Great Gran died when the children were only infants. It felt like one big family again, they said.

They could almost imagine they’re Great Gran stood there talking to them, chatting along. Their Great Grans favourite song suddenly came on, the all bowed down in sorrow. Creek! went the door They didn’t dare turn around but the awful sound came back. It was almost like someone was knocking! Daringly they turned round as the door opened. No way it can’t be, they all said in shock. They all saw a ghostly image of their Great Gran. Merrily they all ran up to her and tried to hug her but obviously she was a ghost.

Prizes for our writing competition have been generously provided by Hon Rotarian Mr Les Newey