Year 6 Writing #1

Here is one of the winners stories, I hope you enjoy it. Look out for others over the coming days.

Josh Coppin. Aged 11. Abbey Gates Primary School

My Lost Brother

My heart thumping like a drum on steroids I stood trembling with fear. Where was I? I was with my brother just a second ago. The ancient decaying leaves crunched and crackled beneath my feet as I lumbered along, desperately hoping that I would find my brother and go home immediately before a problem arises.

The forbidden and intimidating forest stood proudly and the bitter, ice cold air bit into my ears. The rotten stench of perishing trees assaulted my nostrils. Thick and lush green vines wrapped around each other. A stark reminder of Medusa’s grotesque hair. The dense foliage was ravishing and gorgeous. However, I didn’t have any time to admire the scenery. I had to find my brother quickly.

Petrified, I looked up to the sky to see the misty, gloomy clouds which loomed above me. There was a storm anticipated. Unexpectedly something, which felt exactly like a hand, crawled up my back. All of a sudden my heart went cold. A sudden shiver shot down my spine and goose-bumps popped up all around my body. Petrified I bravely turned around to investigate what was there. To my surprise it was a colossal tarantula! In relief I murmured, “Oh you silly thing, you scared the living daylights out of me!”

I shivered at the sudden coolness, while my eyes adjusted to the semi-darkness. Trying to relax after the terrifying situation that happened not long ago a sudden deafening shriek of distress broke the eerie silence. Petrified I asked myself who was that? Was it my brother, Ben? If it was him, was he all right?

Not wasting any time, I sprinted towards the beckoning yell. When I finally arrived at the destination a malformed, crooked cottage stood in the distance. The manky and mossy wooden walls trembled as if they were about to fall off. The overgrown, impenetrable foliage enclosed the ancient cottage as if it were trying to give it a hug.

Suddenly, the cottage reminded me of something. In a flash I found myself back at my house with my family. My brother asked my dad if we could go to the forest. He replied, “of course you can boys but make sure you stay away from that abandoned cottage.”

I found myself back in the forest. I knew I shouldn’t be here. I knew it was a treacherous and dicey place to be but I knew I needed to find my brother.

Trying to pluck enough courage I entered the cottage in fear. Inside it was extremely disarrayed, it looked as if a bomb had hit it. Eagerly scanning around the crooked room, the ancient floorboards creaked below my shaky feet. CREAK! Suddenly I could hear a tender sound coming from the room next to me. Stunned into silence I gazed towards the shadow that emerged from behind the door. Panicking the mysterious shape crept closer and closer until I could make out who it was. “Ben!” I shrieked in recognition. It was him!

“Let’s get back home,” he said. And that is what we did.

Prizes for our writing competition have been generously provided by Hon Rotarian Mr Les Newey