Writing Competition, story 4

This month we are publishing Kaitlyn Marsh’s story who is a Year 6 pupil at Heathlands Primary School.

She also won a ÂŁ10 Amazon voucher from Ravenshead & Blidworth Rotary Club.

The start of the story was about two children who left their toy pirate boat on a beach. This is how Kaitlyn developed the storyline.

It was a nice day and there was a young family on the beach. A child had a toy boat and then, when it was time to go, they left in a rush so the child forgot his boat. The tide came in and the boat went out too far to see. While the boat was weaving around in the sea a whirlpool appeared and took the boat to another dimension.

The boat was in a world full of extinct sea creatures like the Kraken, Megalodon and a Mosasaurus. The boat hid behind a couple of rocks while the creatures were swimming. There wasn’t any way out so the boat tried to find a place to stay without getting caught by any of the creatures. The toy boat had sat behind a rock but then the Megalodon saw the boat and tried to eat it. The boat kept swimming and fell into a hole.

It was now in a different dimension full of just sharks. The toy boat started swimming to a hole that would let it out. The sharks were in the boat’s way so it started rushing through them. The boat couldn’t get through, so it knocked something over so the sharks would notice. The sharks turned around and saw the toy boat. They tried to eat it but, before they could, the boat got through the gap.

The toy boat got washed on to the sand but a couple of minutes later a different boy came to the beach and started making sand castles. He found the toy boat and started playing.