Volunteer Drivers Needed

Blidworth – On The Move is a specialised transport service, specifically for the residents of Blidworth and the surrounding area. This voluntary service has an appropriately equipped vehicle that ensures the safety of the passenger, chaperone and driver at all times.

To ensure they can keep up with the growing demand for their services to the isolated, needy and those needing healthcare support they need at least 5 more drivers.

Demand for the service grows weekly. Public transport is inadequate and people can’t afford taxi fares generally, plus if you are not well you do need and element of comfort and importantly they are the only local voluntary transport scheme that can offer one to one care for the most vulnerable and those needing wheelchair support.

Behind the scenes throughout Covid the volunteers have supported local people in so many ways not only at vaccination clinics etc. Now as we rebuild lives the charity is running groups and events and their vehicles are used to transport people to groups for the disabled, those with dementia as well as clinical, GP and hospital appointments. Now they have been asked to support the surgeries weekend blood run to Kings Mill Hospital as there is no NHS transport service after 12 noon on a Saturday. This would take no more than an 90 minutes of someone’s free time and at a weekend…..Not being too dramatic someone’s life might be impacted if this blood is not tested promptly.

Volunteers must have a clean driving licence and the charity will provide appropriate training. The transport scheme is part of the National Transport Association and part of Nottinghamshire Community Transport Scheme.

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