Supporting Community Transport

Rotary supports Two Great Local Charities that provide help within our Community Blidworth on the Move & Ravenshead Ready Call

This year we are supporting Blidworth on the Move and Ravenshead Ready Call. Two great organisations that give superb support within our communities and have made a significant impact over the last difficult year.

Blidworth on the Move is a relatively new initative born out of the needs of the community to help those who need assistance to get to doctors and hospital clinics  or other important appointments. With their own specially adapted vehicle, they have over the recent months covered over 4726 miles with more than 400 return trips to local care facilities.

Gilly Hagen receiving a cheque on behalf of Blidworth on the Move for £250 from Rotarian Mick Lee and President Richard Lord

The charities chairperson, Gilly Hagen, with Mark Himsworth, joined us at our January 19th meting to tell us how during the pandemic, their services and support had been extended and developed to meet the needs of the community. Delivering meals and Food Aid over the last year being one of the big extra services, together with finding ways to help those who need just someone to talk too to help with their mental health and well being.

Also attending our meeting on this occasion were Karen Goodwin and Molly Bell of Ravenshead Ready Call. Originally formed by Molly Bell over 25 years ago, they have been offering support to Ravenshead’s community by helping with transportation to doctors and other care appointments, delivering prescriptions, doing shopping and other assistance when and where needed.

Karen Goodwin receiving a cheque on behalf of Blidworth on the Move for £250 from Rotarian Mick Lee and President Richard Lord

Karen and Gilly told us about how these two great organisations help each other and work together. Initially, Ravenshead Ready Call had given assistance and advice based on its many years of experience to the  team at Blidworth on the Move, and now whenever a Ready Call need to help out someone who needs to use their wheel chair, they can call on the availability of Blidworth’s specially equipped vehicle.