Writing competition, story 3

This month we are publishing Senith Gunarathne’s story who is a Year 6 pupil at Abbey Gates Primary School. He also wins a £10 Amazon voucher from Ravenshead & Blidworth Rotary Club.

The start of the story was about two children who left their toy pirate boat on a beach. This is how Senith developed the storyline.

One gloomy, dark day, in the middle of the sea, a small, toy pirate ship rocked from side to side waiting for something to happen. It had been there for what seemed like forever, doing nothing but swaying from side to side. Flashing back a few days ago the boat was playing with two children having fun at the beach. However, they had forgotten it, and now it had been taken by the tide.

Suddenly a giant, roaring wave rushed towards the terrified ship. The pirate ship sailed as fast as it could trying to escape its fate. However, the wave was merciless. It crashed down on the pirate ship with all its force. Everything went black.

As the ship slowly regained consciousness it found itself on a tiny island. As it looked around it saw another ship floating on the water. Excited it sailed as fast as it could, trying to catch up with the other ship.

"Hi!" the pirate ship said.

Startled, the other ship replied, "how did you get here?" Soon the pirate ship explained the story. They became friends and had some fun together. While they were playing a thought popped up in the pirate ship’s head.

"Wait a minute. How did you get here?" asked the pirate ship.

The other ship exclaimed, "I had heard of a land, a paradise for pirate ships, that exists in this direction. At first, I thought it was here, because I found you, but it seems like it isn’t."

"Then let’s find it," the pirate ship replied, determined to track the paradise down.

Curious, excited and determined, the two ships set sail. Little did they know the dangers that were about to come their way. After a while one of the ships noticed something log and fast swimming in the water, heading towards them. "Look there!" it said. Soon the other ship noticed it too.

In a flash the long, fast thing started swimming upwards rapidly. Panicking, the two ships sailed as fast as they could, not realising that they were getting separated. Suddenly a large, vicious head burst out of the water followed by a long, slimy body. The myth was true. Sea serpents did exist! Lunging towards the ship it opened its massive mouth, baring its sharp teeth. As an evil glint shimmered in the snake’s eyes the pirate ship wondered what to do, petrified and shaking with fear.

To be continued…….