Sams Workplace

Sam's Workplace offers a realistic work experience placement for people with a learning disability, together with independence and social skills.  They run a small cafe and sweet shop, so there are plenty of opportunities for daily life and work skills, money skills, weight and measuring, catering, customer care and social interaction in a supported and friendly environment.  

They are based within our local community at Rainworth and have allotments in Blidworth offering a seed to table project growing fruit and vegetables, together with horticulture skills and some small animal care with chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs.  

They have an enterprise workshop above the shop, making arts and crafts goods for sale within the shop and at local community fairs.

They also have an independent bedroom, bathroom and kitchen training areas so our users can learn home making skills such as hoovering, bed making, dusting, cleaning which can be replicated at home.

Currently 24 adults are on placement and they can attend as little or as much as they want, 6 days a week.

Sams Workplace was founded by Debbie and Vicky with their support of their partners 7 years ago, and there are currently two other staff and three volunteers. It started when Debbie asked her son Sam what he wanted to do after leaving school, and he replied "open a sweet shop". Debbie's son himself has learning difficulties.

We asked Debbie and Vicky, who kindly came to talk to us about Sam's Workplace, how we can help and they asked that we spread the word and visit the cafe and shop. Holding a kids party? Ask Sam's about party bags!

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