Rotary Donations Totaling over £3000

This year the Presidents chosen principal charities are Maggies and The Nottinghamshire Hospice.

Both provide support and care for those within our community who are diagnosed with cancer, regardless of type and age. Their support extends also through palliative care and beyond through support to partners and relatives.

This last month, Ravenshead and Blidworth Rotary has sent donations of £1250 to Maggies and £750 to The Nottinghamshire Hospice to help them continue with great work.

Additionally, a donation of £250 has been sent to the John Eastwood Hospice, in addition to a donation of over £375 earlier this year from our Santa’s Sleigh collections.

We have also made other community donations including £250 to Blidworth on the Move and £300 to Ravenshead CofE School in support of their current “quiet room” project.

Thank you to all in our community who have enabled these donations through their continued support for Rotary.