Rotary Collections for Morocco Floods and Libyan Earthquake disasters

On Saturday 16th September, Rotary members organised a collection for both disasters at the Ravenshead Precinct shopping area. Then, on the 14th of October we made a similar collection at the Ravenshead farm Shop on Main Road. In total, the Ravenshead community donated over £400.

Thank you for your support.

As most will be aware, sending support donations to these two areas is not easy, especially when to aim is to ensure the support gets to those who really need it. Fortunately, Rotary is a global organisation and has clubs and members in Morocco where a fund is being established for long term sustainable projects, working with Rotary clubs and their volunteers in the affected areas.

For Libya, the situations as to how best to focus our support. However, Rotary supported organisations such as Shelterbox who are both actively delivering water filtering clean water solutions into the effective area by working closely with such organisations in as ACTED (the French non-governmental humanitarian organisation - Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development). A ShelterBox response team is deploying to neighbouring Tunisia to meet with their partners to confirm what is needed and what aid they’ll provide together. They have successfully partnered with ACTED before – including in Libya in 2011 and most recently in Nigeria (2021) and Moldova (2022)

We are currently evaluating up to date information on reliable routes for these funds to ensure effective use of your contributions.

Again, Thank you.