Marvellous Collections Outcome

Ravenshead and Blidworth Rotary always appreciated the support it gets from you all during this time of year.

It’s been really good to see so many of you supporting us and our fund-raising appearances around the Villages, including at Ravenshead light switch on, at the Shops and in Oak Tree Lane Tesco.

The Marvellous sum of over £5000 has topped up our charity account after the last two years, but we have already shared some what was raised with The Ravenshead Inner Wheel club and other local organisations whose members helped out during our Santa outings.

In particular this year, the principal Charities “Ravenshead and Blidworth Rotary” are supporting are Blidworth on the Move and Ravenshead Ready Call. Two great organisations that give superb support within their communities but have made a significant impact over the last difficult year. During the year we will also be providing ongoing support to our local schools, more on this during the year, and other local support groups and charities that we will update you about over the next few months.