Blown Away by Ingrid

On 23rd October 2019, the club paid a visit to Ingrid Pears studio at Thoresby.

Ingrid Pears MBE is an internationally recognised glass artist. Ingrid creates each piece individually using the finest crystal glass. Precious metals and oxides are used to achieve the rich vibrant colours and purity of design which is associated with the name ‘Ingrid Pears’.

We were able to see a complete piece being created from start to finish. It can't be shown here as the piece had to be put immediately in an annealing oven for 24 hours to allow all the internal stresses in the glass to be equalised.

Following the demonstration, we enjoyed a meal together at the Rose Cottage.

President Elect Richard with one of Ingrid's team in her gallery
Whilst Ingrid worked the piece, an explanation was provided of the techniques being used
Our own Emmanuel getting in on the act!